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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  June 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. passengers arrested for saggy pants now becoming a racial issue. the new allegations from the naacp. >> the bay area shows its pride as a fight for gay rights heats up around the country. how president obama is weighing in on the debate. good morning, i'm grace lee and it's friday! >> yeah! hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time is 4:30. you know, you have to forgive us. we love what we do but it's always nice to sleep in, you know? >> no kidding. >> friday is very important no matter what your job is, unless you work on the weekends. [ laughter ] >> i'll be quiet. go ahead. >> we'll move this show along then, right?
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let's speed it up. hey, we have some great weather coming our way. we have patchy fog coming our way very similar to yesterday. starting out with patchy fog ending with mostly sunny skies. 70s and 80s inland today, 60s inside the bay. and out at the coastline some 50s and low 60s. we'll check out that weekend forecast coming right up. right now, how about traffic? >> well, let's talk about this roadwork that's coming up later on this morning. it's not starting until 9:00 but they started it yesterday. i want to let you know, once again westbound and eastbound highway 4 for much of the day they are doing the striping work between san pablo avenue and highway 242 so expect delays for that. bay bridge looks great so far this morning. critical mass though later on this evening so watch out for that for your evening commute home. plan ahead. >> good idea. 4:31. racial tensions flaring up over the arrest of the man for his baggy pants at sfo. >> anne makovec is in san francisco where the naacp is
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joining the protest this morning. good morning to you, anne. >> reporter: good morning. i'm at a baptist church on mcallister street in san francisco. it seems like an odd place to talk about wardrobe on planes. but apparently, the people that are going to be gathered here later today including the naacp are alleging racism in this case. deshon marmon, a 20-year-old college football player, was arrested last week after boarding a u.s. airways flight to new mexico where saggy pants that exposed his underwear. a flight attendant and the pilot asked him to pull them up and when he refused, told him to get off the plane. he resisted that. and there was some cell phone video as well of the confrontation. marmon was arrested for several charges including resisting arrest once he got off the plane. then news comes that this guy, a 65-year-old phoenix man who wears women's bathing suits on planes, frequently is allowed
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to fly looking like this. marmon's lawyer says he doesn't think marmon's arrest was about clothing at all. >> i think that the airline maybe has a marketing strategy towards drag queens and against young african-americans. >> reporter: now, u.s. airways policy says it just can't have passengers that are, quote, inappropriately clothed. so apparently the definition of that is in the eye of the beholder. here at 10:00 at this baptist church, we are going to hear more from the naacp on this case. back to you guys. >> okay, anne makovec live in san francisco. thank you. in other news, a deadly shooting in west oakland brings that city's murder total to 52 this year. a man was shot several times last night on 24th street near adeline. police are staying tight- lipped, no information on suspects. 4373. san francisco is bracing for a
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large crowd over the weekend as its 41st annual gay pride is held. events start this afternoon including concerts, parties, exhibitions as well as a big parade which is set to go off on sunday morning. the focus this year is on youth inspired by it, it gets better antibullying campaign. find the full list on our website, and it comes as battle over gay marriage heats up in new york. the state senate ended a marathon session last night without voting on a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. it passed in the assembly but several amendments have been proposed since then to protect religious groups. president obama says debates like this are what democracy is all about. >> i believe that gay couples
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deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country. [ applause ] >> the president says marriage issues have traditionally been decided by the states. he personally supports legal civil unions for same-sex couples but has stopped short endorsing marriage for them. google is the target of stressing at the state and the federal levels to a possible antitrust violations. the search giant is accused by competitors of favoring its own sites and services in its results. now the attorneys general of california, ohio and new york have started their own investigation. and the ftc is looking into whether google abuses its dominance. the ftc will issue subpoenas within days according to the wall street journal. no comment from google. protestors are camping out this morning just outside of san jose city hall. they are determined to secure seats for today's special session of the city council.
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they say they are upset about mayor reed's budget plan which calls for layoffs and cuts to city worker pay as well as retirement benefits. at today's meeting, councilmembers will discuss current negotiations with unions. because the negotiations are ongoing, the council will likely delay votes on fiscal reform ballot measures and whether to declare a fiscal emergency. a judge told caltrans to stop construction on a commute route in the east bay. highway 84 known as niles canyon road between fremont and sunol is only two lanes and an alameda county judge has halted work to make it four lanes. caltrans started the project more than 40 years ago but the suit that stopped it is less than a month old. there is a challenge to the environmental impact report so work is stopped until that suit is resolved. >> what we found was the data that was supporting their proposal was flawed, seriously
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flawed. >> this canyon provides an environment for a lot of species of animals, the protected ones as well as others. >> caltrans has no comment on the ruling or on the pending lawsuit. as long as there are no more shark sightings stinson beach in marin county will re- open today. sunday beach-goers couldn't go more than knee deep in the water when a coast guard helicopter spotted a great white shark off the coast about two or three hundred yards off. but apparently at least they hope that shark has moved on. >> yikes. >> how do they know? that's the question. going to stinson this week, apparently the beach will be open. >> wonder if it will be warm enough even to head to the beach. >> they will probably get a little sunshine but still cool out toward the coastline. we are seeing some patchy fog developing out at the coast this morning. some of that sliding inside the bay as we're kind of cooling things down over the next couple of days. no rain to worry about yet but that may change. temperatures running in the 50s
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and the 40s. we have 49 in santa rosa, 57 san jose, 52 livermore. i think as we look toward the afternoon again, we are going to see many of those numbers up into the 80s in spots inland. a lot of 60s and 70s around the bay. 50s and 60s at the coast with the patchy fog take its time to break up so it will be cool at the beaches. now, this is where it gets really interesting. these next few days -- of course the weekend looking fantastic, cooling through saturday and then i think on sunday we start to warm the temperatures up. but as we head into tuesday, can you believe it? we're talking about at least some clouds and a chance of more showers returning to the bay area. not ready to put rain on there yet but it could get interesting as we head toward the beginning of this next week and that would be somewhat unusual especially this late in the season. >> not normal? >> no. >> nothing is ever normal in weather. waiting for the normal. thank you, lawrence. >> all right. >> we have a traffic trifecta going on tonight.
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mass transit might be a good option for you today. not only do we have the critical mass bike ride kicking off; we also have the transgender march kicking off over at dolores park at 6:30 tonight. and we also have a giants game. they take on the indians at 7:15 by at&t ballpark. so lots going on in and around san francisco later on this evening and throughout the weekend. here's a live look at conditions across the golden gate bridge. traffic nice and quiet. it's a little foggy maybe across the stretch, a little bit of glowy halo thing going on with the street lights so watch out for possibly a little bit of low visibility there heading into san francisco. but for right now your other bridges look great including a live look at the san mateo bridge. this is the commute direction westbound 92 so far so good all the way towards the peninsula. coming up, we'll show you live look at the bay bridge but in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. a big earthquake in alaska sent people scrambling for higher ground. the magnitude 7.2 quake off the
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aleutian islands struck just after 8:00 last night triggering a tsunami warning for part of the alaska coast. tsunami sirens went off in a town called dutch harbor. the warning was cancelled last night and there was never any tsunami threat for california or the west coast. in north dakota, 10,000 people have evacuated the city of minot ahead of major flooding expectedded to. the river is expected to crest this weekend. evacuation orders include 400 more residents. it's a shot in the arm for high-speed rail here in the bay area. the big money to get a bullet train back on track. >> and a big drop in gas prices could be just weeks away. the president's emergency move to leave the pain at the pump. i have seen people almost go to the bathroom in their pants in his presence. >> the crime king and a cold- blooded killer. the new insight from one of
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whitey bulger's closest mob men. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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money is now secured... toward a planned upgrad a shot in the arm for high- speed rail. california and the high-speed rail authority just announced a project is getting $60 million from the united states department of transportation. the project would allow electric rail service from san francisco to san jose. the commuter trains and high- speed rail would share the same tracks until a more expensive project adds two more tracks to the corridor. less than a week before state tax increases expire and criticism is flying back and forth between the governor and state republican lawmakers. the governor spoke in san francisco yesterday blaming republicans for the budget impasse. meantime, republicans held a news conference just outside the governor's empty office.
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they oppose brown's plans to extend sales and vehicle taxes until an election is held. they want pension reform and say that's what's getting in the way of the deal. >> the actions that have taken place to date would seem there is a greater concern for the public employee unions than there are about our children in school. >> i'm not giving up. i'm going to keep working until we get those tax extensions and we will get them one way or the other. >> governor brown needs four republican votes to get that tax hike extension on the ballot. so far hasn't been able to. now it is up to president obama and house speaker john boehner to try to reach a compromise on a budget in the nation's debt limit. vice president joe biden says the bipartisan talks he led did make some progress. but those talks are over after house majority leader eric cantor walked out because democrats insisted on tax increases. relief at the pump can come as soon as the 4th of july
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weekend. >> that's unusual. it's usually going the other way. that's because the u.s. and other nations are releasing 60 million barrels of oil from emergency stock. the decision to open the reserves is aiming at balancing oil supplies that have been affected by the unrest in libya right now. it's also designed to help struggling economies here in the united states and abroad. prices could soon drop at least 20 cents a gallon or further. >> welcome relief. >> hello. time now is 4:45. it's one of the biggest hasms at the airport but before you go through security, how one bay area airport is making it easier to park. >> what's the 4th of july without fireworks? the push to save east bay city's popular show before it fizzles. >> and they survived the chopping block to go to the college world series. it was do or die last night against virginia. how did cal fare? we'll tell you coming up. we are cleared for take-off if you are traveling on this
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friday. you have 66 and cloudy at sfo, but should be clearing out. across the country, we are expecting to see mostly cloudy skies in chicago, dry, about 70 degrees. new york we are looking at a couple of clouds rolling through there. some thunderstorms rumbling on by, too. 83 degrees. your local forecast coming right up. ,, ,, after we make a dingy floor look brand new,
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it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? yes. yes it does. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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man: everybody knows you should save for retirement, but what happens when you're about to retire? woman: how do you go from saving to spending? fidelity helped us get to this point, and now we're talking about what comes next. man: we worked together to create a plan to help our money last. woman: so we can have the kind of retirement we want. now, you know how this works. just stay on the line. oh, yeah. fidelity investments. turn here. from people close to pakistan's intelligence agency. the "new y there is new evidence that osama bin laden had help from people close to pakistani intelligence agencies. the "new york times" says the evidence comes from a cell phone recovered in the raid which ended in the al qaeda leader's death. the phone belonging to his courier who also died in the raid. the times says the phone contains contacts to a militant group that's a long-time asset
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of the pakistani intelligence agency. good-bye, santa monica, mellow, boston. james "whitey" bulger is being sent back to massachusetts to face murder and extortion charges. he and his girlfriend were arrested in southern california wednesday after 16 years on the run. the fbi found 30 firearms, $800,000 in cash in their apartment. in 2006, one of his lieutenants kevin weeks talked to "60 minutes" calling him a violent cold-blooded killer. >> he stabbed people. he beat people with bats. he shot people, strangled people. run them over with cars. >> you said also that he liked killing. >> yeah. >> weeks said everyone was afraid of bulger. he said killing was kind of a stress relief for his former mob boston. 4:49 now. a federal grand jury is now hearing testimony in an east bay police corruption case.
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norman wielsch, christopher butler, stephen tanabe and louis lombardi pled not guilty yesterday to charges brought by local prosecutors. they face 38 criminal counts including conspiring to sell stolen drug evidence. and a judge is giving prosecutors more time to decide whether barry bonds should face another perjury trial. it would be for three charges on which a jury deadlocked in the month long trial which ended in april. both sides are due back in court on august 26. good morning. just getting up on this friday? we are looking good weather- wise. we have a couple of patches of fog outside but not a lot, just some hugging the coastline and sliding inside the bay somewhat similar to yesterday. we'll probably see similar temperatures toward the afternoon. mostly clear right now in the valleys, just a couple of patches of fog. that fog extending into the bay and fog a possibility some drizzle at the coastline early on this morning. by the afternoon, becoming partly cloudy at the beaches. we'll sneak in some sunshine there, breezy, 70s inside parts of the bay and as you head well inland you will see 70s and 80s
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so looking good as we slide in toward the weekend now. numbers outside, you have 57 degrees right now in san jose. a cool 49 in santa rosa and 52 degrees partly cloudy skies into san francisco. high pressure moving out. a trough sliding in toward the bay area will keep with it that cool sea breeze continuing on and off through the day at least toward the coastline. some of that cool air will keep the temperatures down quite a bit. so mix of sun and clouds and fog, more sun this afternoon. then a good start to the weekend. numbers looking like this. 85 degrees in morgan hill. 76 in milpitas. about 76 in sunnyvale. 50s and 60s as you make your way toward the beaches early on in the afternoon. east bay warmer numbers, 84 in brentwood and antioch and 83 degrees in pittsburg. 69 degrees in oakland and about 68 and breezy into berkeley by this afternoon. looking out toward the north
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bay, stinson beach the coast is clear of sharks. the temperature will stay down to 60 degrees there and sunshine in the afternoon. 77 novato, about 80 degrees in fairfield, and about 78 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of day, not too bad. i think the weekend looking safe. temperatures probably cooling off through saturday and then we start to warm up on sunday and monday. but it get real interesting as we head toward next week. there is a cold front diving in toward the bay area. it is going to bring us some clouds. there is even the outside chance of a few late season very, very late season showers here in the bay area. we'll have more on that coming up. right now, let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we are going to traffic this evening. we have critical mass bike ride at justin herman plaza this evening. we have the transgender march over at dolores park starts at 6:30 p.m. we actually have pride events all weekend long. and go giants. they take on the indians at
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at&t park at 7:15. so maybe a good day to use mass transit. hot spots all across san francisco tonight. but right now the bay bridge so far, so good. looks great actually all across the upper deck, no metering lights, no shock. give it another hour and a half. things will likely change. right now good to go. mass transit on time. so if you want to take bart to the city you're good to go. to the south bay now, our sensors are picking up mostly top speeds. this one is updating. no delays at the guadalupe parkway. out of downtown san jose you can see a few headlights there. that's traffic on northbound 280 and moves fine towards the cupertino area. and so from the south bay we'll get a check of the north bay and everything is great across the span of the golden gate bridge. they have not done the lane change yet but probably will in the next 10 minutes. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm.
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get all the latest traffic, weather and news information once you met the roads. that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. parking should be much easier all starting today at mineta international airport in san jose. two new lots will open up putting 1500 parking spaces within an easy walk to the brand-new terminal b. the parking situation has been a source of frustration during the airport's massive renovation project. parking configuration will be gradually adjusted over the next few days so pay close attention to the signs if you are flying out over the weekend. noontime today that's the deadline for vallejo to give the go-ahead to put on a 4th of july fireworks show. and right now, it's still up in the air. vallejo is bankrupt and the fireworks along the waterfront could be one of the casualties. they did not have a show in 2009. and then last year, two businessmen raised $18,000 for the fireworks. this year, they are still five
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grand short. >> the fireworks is something that ken and i came up with that we could start and help out because in 2009, when they didn't have them, it was just like, wow, i mean, we don't even have fireworks? >> here's the good news. someone saw our report about fireworks yesterday and called to say he wants to cover the shortfall so that vallejo can have fireworks on the 4th of july. the cal baseball team out of the college world series. >> yeah. it was a tough one last night. the bears eliminated yesterday when they lost to virginia 8-1. it wasn't even close. cal finished tied for fifth in the national rankings. nice catch right there, though. the team's best in more than 30 years and it comes in season that started with cal baseball program of course being on the chopping block. they were done before fundraising efforts finally saved it. yesterday, more than 25,000 people turned out, the most ever, to watch cal play. >> i think it's been a year that really has taught them as well as myself a whole lot
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about -- about human spirit. >> we did it with our best buddies, something we'll remember for a while. >> they ran up against a top seed twice losing to virginia twice. cal tech coach says the up and down year is going to help his players become better professionals whether it's playing baseball or other occupations. but it was a good ride for cal. they are here for at least another seven to ten years. >> what an amazing season to think that you were going to have no baseball and then go that far. >> some of the guys left because they heard about this last fall and the coach trying to get these guys other teams. a lot of the kids stayed for the final season and look what happened. they are staying and they made it to the college world series. so good stuff. 4:56 now. putting the brakes on bicyclists on the golden gate bridge. the new plan to slow down the
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speed. and i'm at a church here in san francisco where they are going to be talking about wardrobe and racism. we'll have the story coming up. if you are hitting the roads for your holiday weekend, good news, gas prices are expected to fall. i'll tell you why and when to expect those changes in a short report coming up. and some bad news coming to tens of thousands of bay area homeowners today. the shocking number of homes now under water when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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allegations, from the n-double-a-c-p. racial tensions flaring up over a passenger's saggy pants arrest at sfo. imagine a 50-cent drop in gas prices by the 4th of july, it's going to happen. the emergency plan to bring a little relief at the pump. >> good morning. i'm grace lee and it's friday, june 24. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> what day is it today? >> it's id


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